Friday, 19 October 2012


Roar! Coolness is often a subjective quality. But there is one exception. This jacket. Not only does it attract strangers' compliments (which is always lovely), but it's character oozes onto me. Never do I have more swag. Never do I have more attitude. Never do I have more confidence, then when I throw this jacket on. 

There's something nice, metaphorically speaking, that only those behind you can see how unique (and awesome) you are. While those in front, those I'm chasing down, only see a relatively simple, but very misleading, facade. Deep down inside I feel like a bit of a 'wild thing', willing to fight for what I want. And this jacket, doesn't even scratch the surface...

Jacket: Somedays Lovin'
Shirt: Temt
Shorts: To Love Kuvva


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