Sunday, 31 March 2013


I wear black religiously. So for an outfit not to have even a speck of black, it's a pretty big deal. And a very rare occurrence. This sudden need I have to wear bright colours is poorly timed I know. That darn winter is coming. I can already feel the chill in the breeze when the night falls. But a splash of bright pink and electric blue is all I need to fool myself into thinking that maybe summer will come twice this year.

Here's a thought. This is exactly what I would wear if when I own a yacht. (Positive thinking.) A sheer, chiffon button up, so it can blow in the breeze along with my hair (a total Beyonce moment). A pair of blue, scolloped shorts, so they mimic the ocean waves. And of course lots of stripes. An outfit isn't nautical without many many stripes.

Top: Paper Heart
Shorts: Mossman
Necklace: Cotton On
Shoes: Wittner

Photos by Annisa

Thursday, 28 March 2013


I hate to feel boxed in. To be trapped within one style. I couldn't imagine anything worse. While I have much appreciation and admiration for many people, especially bloggers, for who have found their style within a 'trend' yet somehow manage to keep it fresh- that just isn't me. I go through phases. I jump on some, well most, fads (to a certain extent). (T-shirt dresses anyone?)

But after a few months the fad would've passed. This is where almost everyone would bail. Probably changing much of their wardrobe to the next trend and slipping into a mild depression at the sight of their bank account each season. Not I. For me, this is the best time. A time to create. A time for contrast. Mixing and mashing phases of ye old times (super delicate, sheer button ups) and the more recent fashion passes (spiked necklaces). Sure it might be a little hit and miss. But what's it matter if your wardrobe is getting a fresh breath of life? Be a little more daring.  

Blouse: Bardot
Skirt: Ally
Necklace: Asos
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Annisa

Sunday, 24 March 2013


We love our reflection. Well, not necessarily what's in it. But we like the idea of it. The ability to see what we look like. I know it might seem like a pretty standard, everyday phenomenon. But just think about it. Without reflections (and the invention of photography) we would never know what we look like. We would never know what other people see when they look at us.

Now as someone who loves a good session in front of the mirror (don't judge my honesty), I find it fascinating and somewhat unnerving to think of a world without reflections. There would be no need for makeup or facial plastic surgery. No need for eyebrow waxing or eyelash tinting. No need for a whole array of self-criticisms. But unfortunately, or fortunately, which ever you chose, that isn't the world in which we live. Ours is one of reflection. Which at the very least, makes for some pretty awesome photographs (even if I do say so myself).

Top & Shorts: Sabo Skirt
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Rings: Lovisa

Photos by Annisa

Thursday, 21 March 2013


These shorts again? So soon? Yes. I figure, if you've found a good thing (and we all know how hard it can be to find something that we love) wear, wear, wear, and wear some more. After all, isn't that what clothes are for? Each time I have worn these bird and floral shorts (here and here), a difference in top and accessories (and maybe location...) has totally changed the vibe. I introduce the young, bright, playful and practical version. 

I'm well aware that monochrome is the new 'thing'. But I just can't tear myself away from colour. The louder the colour, the more I want it. In fact, this orange is so bright it almost glows in the dark. True story. Forget little 'pops' of colour. I want a loud BANG of it in every outfit. Even when it comes to my Sunday best.

Top: Here Comes The Sun
Shorts: Chicabooti
Shoes: Wittner
Necklace: Cotton On
Rings: Magnolia

Photos by Annisa

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Finally. The long awaited outfit post of my much loved overalls (or dungarees). If you don't remember the post I wrote about how much I needed a pair of overalls in my life, you can check it out here. I've never seemed to have much luck (or love) with denim. Every pair of denim shorts or jeans I've tried on is more unflattering than the last. While I have been known to make denim purchases on the belief that 'it's not that bad', I've never had something I truly love.

Introducing my first ever pair of overalls. Not only are they the most flattering, comfortable item of denim I've ever bought. They're also pretty damn cool. Forget a white button up and a leather skirt, a pair of dungarees is the new wardrobe staple. Watch this space for more posts with these kick ass overalls. I want to show you just what different looks one item can conjure up.

Shirt: Foxx Foe
Overalls: Sportsgirl
Necklace: Kmart
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Free People

Photos by Annisa

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Nothing makes me quite want to start a riot like leather. Or in this case, pleather. Just the sight of it makes me dream of being a adolescent in the mid 1970s. Oh, what it would be to be punk... Real punk. Part of the youth revolt. None of this diluted, commercialist stuff. I'd throw on my leather dress and ripped fishnet stockings. Have to decide between a pair of creepers or motorcycle boots. Then drape myself in chains. (Maybe even a safety pin through the nose for good measure.)

But (luckily) this isn't 70s and the beginning of punk, so my look is a lot more refined. Less is best. At least that's my fashion philosophy in this moment (I guarantee it will change). Nothing more than a necklace and a few rings. No layering. Just soaking in the smooth leather texture, seeing the way it falls. Appreciating what often goes unappreciated. A flattering, comfortable, simple, skater dress.
Check out my fat fingers muffin top below. 

Dress: Ally
Necklace: Boutique
Rings: Asos

Photos by Annisa

Sunday, 10 March 2013


In this city life everything is overcrowded. Everything is overwhelming. There is no space to breathe, no room to roam. Our lives are compressed- from our buildings to our time. That's why it's such a refreshing feeling to find a wide open space. These are places to take a break from it all. To run, to think, to escape, to relax, to breathe. 

While you might be lucky enough to live near a park, my wide open space rather different- something with aesthetic character. A virtually abandoned warehouse. High ceilings, broken louvres. I know this building as lived more than I. It's seen other buildings go up. It's felt them close in on it. And yet somehow here it remains. A wide open space. For me to escape to.

Top: Charcoal
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: Asos
Necklace: Kmart

Photos by Annisa