Sunday, 10 March 2013


In this city life everything is overcrowded. Everything is overwhelming. There is no space to breathe, no room to roam. Our lives are compressed- from our buildings to our time. That's why it's such a refreshing feeling to find a wide open space. These are places to take a break from it all. To run, to think, to escape, to relax, to breathe. 

While you might be lucky enough to live near a park, my wide open space rather different- something with aesthetic character. A virtually abandoned warehouse. High ceilings, broken louvres. I know this building as lived more than I. It's seen other buildings go up. It's felt them close in on it. And yet somehow here it remains. A wide open space. For me to escape to.

Top: Charcoal
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: Asos
Necklace: Kmart

Photos by Annisa

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