Thursday, 14 March 2013


Nothing makes me quite want to start a riot like leather. Or in this case, pleather. Just the sight of it makes me dream of being a adolescent in the mid 1970s. Oh, what it would be to be punk... Real punk. Part of the youth revolt. None of this diluted, commercialist stuff. I'd throw on my leather dress and ripped fishnet stockings. Have to decide between a pair of creepers or motorcycle boots. Then drape myself in chains. (Maybe even a safety pin through the nose for good measure.)

But (luckily) this isn't 70s and the beginning of punk, so my look is a lot more refined. Less is best. At least that's my fashion philosophy in this moment (I guarantee it will change). Nothing more than a necklace and a few rings. No layering. Just soaking in the smooth leather texture, seeing the way it falls. Appreciating what often goes unappreciated. A flattering, comfortable, simple, skater dress.
Check out my fat fingers muffin top below. 

Dress: Ally
Necklace: Boutique
Rings: Asos

Photos by Annisa

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