Sunday, 31 March 2013


I wear black religiously. So for an outfit not to have even a speck of black, it's a pretty big deal. And a very rare occurrence. This sudden need I have to wear bright colours is poorly timed I know. That darn winter is coming. I can already feel the chill in the breeze when the night falls. But a splash of bright pink and electric blue is all I need to fool myself into thinking that maybe summer will come twice this year.

Here's a thought. This is exactly what I would wear if when I own a yacht. (Positive thinking.) A sheer, chiffon button up, so it can blow in the breeze along with my hair (a total Beyonce moment). A pair of blue, scolloped shorts, so they mimic the ocean waves. And of course lots of stripes. An outfit isn't nautical without many many stripes.

Top: Paper Heart
Shorts: Mossman
Necklace: Cotton On
Shoes: Wittner

Photos by Annisa


  1. I love your shoes! They are so adorable!

  2. love this outfit so much. the scalloped shorts and flatforms are awesome :)


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