Thursday, 8 November 2012


Somedays you just need to be a rock chick. Today was one of those days. Leather. Spikes. And a skull of course.  I'll tell you what. Man! That combination gave me some attitude... the good type of course. But in terms of clothes, this is about as 'tough' as I get. 

While I may only be a makeshift rock chick, someone who really is one (and the designer) is Morgan. I'm sure you're all well aware of her blog. (Ahh love it,) But what's even more impressive is her online store. Her collection of wicked, self-drawn designs will amaze you. I opted for the 'plain', not tie-dyed  type, but it suits the rocker in me just fine. 

Bandeau: Ally
Shorts: Liquorish from Asos



  1. Hi! I came across your blog because I'm planning to purchase the same shirts on ASOS but I'm unsure about the sizing. Are the shorts true to size or would you recommend ordering one size down? :)

    1. They're a great pair of shorts. I'd say they run true to size. Seeing I'm usually an AU size 10, and the 10 in these fitted perfectly, without the need for alterations. Just keep in mind the faux leather material has very little give or stretch. Hope that helps. :)


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