Thursday, 15 November 2012

Something Sporty

I don't run. Not for buses or trains. Not for saving time. And definitely not for 'fun'. But this sporting trend has got me thinking about it. I know, it's been around for a while. But like most trends, it takes a while for me to 'warm up' to them. 

This is more than just a boyfriend look. It's as much about the varsity jacket or the basketball jersey as it is about the feminine pieces you pair with it. It's all about 'balance'. You don't want to look like you've come from the gym. Just pick one or two sporty items. Enough to contrast what would otherwise be considered a girly outfit. Let these ladies show you what I mean...

Here's how I would 'tackle' this trend. Simple, super comfy sports branded t-shirt. Delicate, feminine crochet shorts. And a sneaky item that straddles both ends of the spectrum, the sneaker heel. Also, lots of girly, fun and re-wearable accessories (of course).

something sporty

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