Saturday, 30 August 2014


It's a Saturday night. But club getup is most certainly not on the agenda; like ever. Girls, listen to this- a public service announcement- you don't need to wear the shortest and tightest dress, or the highest heels to get attention. You could, for example, throw on some colourful sequins. I prefer mine in a loose fitting t-shirt. And wear a pair of heels you can actually walk in- forget shuffling around on stilettos. You'll get all the right attention and be comfortable (having both is possible). That's how I make Saturday nights alright.

Cameo Top | Vintage Skirt | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Call it vain. Call it materialistic. But often a great outfit has the power to inspire my mood and outlook. In this I feel beautiful. Strong and sophisticated. Powerful, yet comfortable. Like a picture of modern class. In this outfit, there is no looking back. No worries or self doubt. It's only up, up and away. 

Sabo Skirt Blouse | Cameo Skirt | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I want to sleep. For days and days and days. But for right now, there are things to be done. Something that has been taking up all my spare time (hence the lack of outfit posts recently) is my university law revue. For those of you unfamiliar with the time consuming, creative melting pot that are revues, here's a little explanation. Parody songs, comedy sketches, videos and dances- all performed on stage by students for students (and whoever else will come).

This year I decided to jump in and get involved. Perhaps naively, I thought little of consequences it would have on my time. And where there are pressures on time, sleep will inevitably be sacrificed. Just looking at the cool-tone hues of this outfit is making me sleepy. I hope you enjoy... Regular programming will resume... right after... this nap.

Sabo Skirt Blouse | Vintage Skirt | Senso Heels

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Welcome to the jungle. So it might be less Tarzan and Jane and more suburban path. Where the extent of wild animals is the monochrome print on my t-shirt. Nonetheless, this is how and where I choose to roam: strutting down the streets in a pair of comfortable heels. This is my natural habitat. A place where black and white outfits are king of the jungle.

Finders Keepers T-shirt | Chicabooti Shorts | Senso Heels