Wednesday, 27 February 2013


It's not very often I get stars in my eyes. But can you blame me when I saw this button down shirt? Now it's unusual for me to be so drawn to an Americana piece. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for patriotic clothing, only I live in Australia and our national flag seems to just find its way onto bikinis. And to wear any other country's flag, well that's 'un-Australian'. Luckily the subtleness of the stars and stripes, and the rough vintage effect helps me fly under the radar. I think it's far more 'tres cool' than treason. Oh and did I mention how soft and warm it is. Look out winter.

And welcome, to my newest addition of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (I'm counting 3 pairs as a collection. At least it's a start.) I've shared my love and admiration for the first 2 pairs here, and this time isn't going to be any different. If you want a pair of platform heels that are so comfortable and give you height without having that awful chunky hoof look (yeah, you know what I'm talking about) Jeffrey is your man, well, shoe. They really are the perfect platform heel. 

Top: c/o Free People (here)
Skirt: Ally
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Free People (here)
Necklace: Diva

Photos by Annisa


  1. looking so pretty . nice t.shirt. nice blog . i like it
    Parfum pas cher.

  2. Nicely put together outfit! Great blog, would you like to follow each other? If you'd like to just follow my blog and I'll follow back :)

  3. I don't feel the same hesitation because of how un-Australian it is, since I just live here but am actually from Europe, but I'm always very on the edge about the American Flag for some reason. However, I really love this one, to the point I'm considering getting one!


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