Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Purrfect Display

I believe clothes should be on display. Whether on your body or in your room. While I'm sure doors were added to wardrobes to allow a shambled mess reign silently behind their protection, unfortunately this means your most beautiful pieces are locked in a tower (metaphorically) going unappreciated and unloved.

My room has hooks sparsely placed around to hang necklaces and certain 'wow' items of clothing. Who'da thunk it? Your wardrobe can double as wall art. But recently I feel like the clothes on display are looking a bit lifeless. After all, clothes are made to be worn. And that's when I found these... Animal Hangers! (Don't they just look dapper?) Sure to bring life and character back to any outfit. Check out the full range here. You know you want to.
My word of advice: Just don't try and have a 'who wore it better' competition. The cat will win hands down. 

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