Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fangirl for Fairground

I've mentioned it before. I'm an "inbetweener". And because of that, I seem drawn to other inbetweeners. I'm sure you're all familiar with the t-shirt dress, the tunic, the item of clothing too long to be a shirt but too short to be a dress (and yet that doesn't some people from wearing it like one, but that's another story). Well, I have the answer... if you're into what I'm into.

Now don't let my button up shirts, peter pan collars and cutesy skirts fool you. I'm a singlet girl deep at heart. But it's rare (some would say impossible) to find a 'nice' singlet dress. But Fairground has answered my prayers with these fun and somewhat psychedelic pieces.   

And of course my personal favourite...
(Seriously, you above, get in my closet. Sincerely, Izzy.)

I can't help but think these pieces were made with my changing taste in fashion in mind. Sure, I still love the classic pieces (midi skirts, pleats and feminine features), but I have a growing fondness of bright (possibly overstated) colours and prints. There's fun and humour in these pieces, which I've never seen anywhere else. I just wish they were a little more friendly to the wallet. 
You can find all the above dresses* (which I would definitely recommend wearing tights/leggings underneath) and more at here

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Monday, 23 July 2012


Tumbling. Where I show you a few inspirational pictures I've found on Tumblr. Fashion related or otherwise. Essentially this is an 'I-wish-my-life-was-like-this' picture board.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Oh, If Only...

So I've been trolling through ASOS. (Who hasn't?) Teasing my eyes with beautiful garments that will never call my wardrobe home. And though there have been many clothes that I've lusted over, I'm willing to forget about all of them (remove them from my 'Saved Items') if I could get my hands on one of these babies.
Yeah that's right. Mink Pink have brought out a bewitching dress in three equally enchanting prints. This is everything I dream about in a dress: easy to throw on, practical for everyday, glam enough for going out. I want one. Who am I kidding? I want them all. Take a guess which one's my favourite...

But of course it has to be the most expensive of the three. Just my luck. But thinking about it now. Leather boots, studded denim jacket, punk rock spiked accessories and THAT dress.  Ahhhh, I'm in love... a girl can dream. You can check them out here: Persian PrintPaisley PrintCosmic Print, but just a final warning, you will fall in love.

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Flower Power

Boring bottoms? I'm guilty of it. Sticking to plain colours (even 'colours' might be a stretch, more like black) for my bottom half. It all just seemed too hard to work a print or pattern on the downstairs with anything upstairs. Well I think it's about time our legs got some loving. About time they tried colourful print. There's no excuses for monotone bottoms. It's so easy and classy it's sure to put a spring in your step (excuse the lame pun). Floral pants.

But if you've got a killer set of pins and still want to show them off while you rock the floral trend... or if it's just too hot to wear pants, why not try a pair of floral shorts. In my opinion, a summer staple. Always 'in fashion' (whatever that means) season after season. Here's a few of my favourites.

As far as styling goes, I'd keep it simple. Let the pants draw all the attention. Match it with your favourite plain black or white t-shirt, or pick a colour from the print. Feeling dressy? Throw on a crisp, tailored blazer, and your simplest heels. Dressing down? Add a bomber or leather jacket, paired with leather boots. I might just have to take my own advice, seeing as I recently invested in a pair of floral pants. Keep a look out...

Friday, 13 July 2012

In Repair

Just giving you all a heads up. There won't be any outfit posts for a little while. I've just had all four of my wisdom teeth removed today. So I won't make you suffer as I am by sharing very unglamorous photos of me in my sweats and socks, with a chipmunk face. But I am hoping I'll be able to do some 'new' fashion posts about trends and wishlists. I'll be sure to let you know when I'm back in front of the camera in a week or two.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Midi Hairspiration

My hair is not free. Sorry Gaga. At the moment it's shackled in hair-ties and bobby pins. And to let it out would be unleashing a little monster. You see, I'm in the awkward 'inbetweeners' stage.

As a symbolic 'up yours' to the end of a 12 year strict regime upheld by the school marshall (uniform police), I decided to cut off my hair at the end of last year. Not all of it. Just above the shoulder with bangs. And though I had a good few weeks of pretending to be Alexa Chung, they are now faded memories.

While it's been a good six months since I first made the chop, the growing out process is torturously slow. Only just reaching the armpits and all the same length (no layers, no styling, gross), it just can't be worn out. So here I am. To cut or to grow. Bite the bullet or stick it out. I'll let my thoughts marinate for a bit longer. In the mean time, here's some hairspiration of the midi 'inbetween' style, from those who suit it.

All pictures were taken from Tumblr. No copyright infringement intended.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I don't follow every fashion trend eww denim knicker shorts (well... at least I like to think I don't). Sure, I get a piece here and there in the 'trends' I like, but nothing that can't be worked into my overall wardrobe. But right now I find myself in love with a very 'hot right now' (I hate myself for typing that) trend. I have fallen for pastels. Pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, I'm not picky. But no love is stronger than mine for pastel knits. (I have three. This is first. Expect  the others in upcoming posts.) All I can say is that I hope this isn't a passing phase. Fingers crossed it'll be back next winter. Otherwise the fate of my pastel knits is in jeopardy...

I can't help but feel preppy with a pull over. I tried to suppress the nerdy, girly side with a pleather skirt , but with white socks and a spotted blouse, I was fighting an uphill battle. I felt cute. I felt young. I felt happy. I felt in mint condition... and also a mint choc icecream.

Jumper: Hopscotch Boutique
Blouse: Kmart
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: Wittner