Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I don't follow every fashion trend eww denim knicker shorts (well... at least I like to think I don't). Sure, I get a piece here and there in the 'trends' I like, but nothing that can't be worked into my overall wardrobe. But right now I find myself in love with a very 'hot right now' (I hate myself for typing that) trend. I have fallen for pastels. Pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, I'm not picky. But no love is stronger than mine for pastel knits. (I have three. This is first. Expect  the others in upcoming posts.) All I can say is that I hope this isn't a passing phase. Fingers crossed it'll be back next winter. Otherwise the fate of my pastel knits is in jeopardy...

I can't help but feel preppy with a pull over. I tried to suppress the nerdy, girly side with a pleather skirt , but with white socks and a spotted blouse, I was fighting an uphill battle. I felt cute. I felt young. I felt happy. I felt in mint condition... and also a mint choc icecream.

Jumper: Hopscotch Boutique
Blouse: Kmart
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: Wittner


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  1. love your outfit.love the mint color.theskirt
    is darling.the white socks are adorable with your shoes


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