Sunday, 22 July 2012

Oh, If Only...

So I've been trolling through ASOS. (Who hasn't?) Teasing my eyes with beautiful garments that will never call my wardrobe home. And though there have been many clothes that I've lusted over, I'm willing to forget about all of them (remove them from my 'Saved Items') if I could get my hands on one of these babies.
Yeah that's right. Mink Pink have brought out a bewitching dress in three equally enchanting prints. This is everything I dream about in a dress: easy to throw on, practical for everyday, glam enough for going out. I want one. Who am I kidding? I want them all. Take a guess which one's my favourite...

But of course it has to be the most expensive of the three. Just my luck. But thinking about it now. Leather boots, studded denim jacket, punk rock spiked accessories and THAT dress.  Ahhhh, I'm in love... a girl can dream. You can check them out here: Persian PrintPaisley PrintCosmic Print, but just a final warning, you will fall in love.

Not a sponsored post.

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