Saturday, 7 July 2012

Midi Hairspiration

My hair is not free. Sorry Gaga. At the moment it's shackled in hair-ties and bobby pins. And to let it out would be unleashing a little monster. You see, I'm in the awkward 'inbetweeners' stage.

As a symbolic 'up yours' to the end of a 12 year strict regime upheld by the school marshall (uniform police), I decided to cut off my hair at the end of last year. Not all of it. Just above the shoulder with bangs. And though I had a good few weeks of pretending to be Alexa Chung, they are now faded memories.

While it's been a good six months since I first made the chop, the growing out process is torturously slow. Only just reaching the armpits and all the same length (no layers, no styling, gross), it just can't be worn out. So here I am. To cut or to grow. Bite the bullet or stick it out. I'll let my thoughts marinate for a bit longer. In the mean time, here's some hairspiration of the midi 'inbetween' style, from those who suit it.

All pictures were taken from Tumblr. No copyright infringement intended.

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