Friday, 7 March 2014


Finally an outfit that isn't shorts and a t-shirt... though it is a t-shirt dress. I think that's enough to satisfy the outfit diversity quota I have on this blog. You, however, are free to disagree. In addition, it's floral (yay, no more monochrome). Floral prints are something that I adore, and I have quite a lot of in my wardrobe. And yet despite the warm weather, floral hasn't made a large appearance on the blog. And so consider this an open letter, an open apology to all the floral in my closet- "I'm sorry for not wearing you more, for not featuring you more this past summer. Although sometimes it may not seem like it, I love you just as much as black and white." (Okay... that last part may be a little lie.)

Wearing: Cameo dress, Sportsgirl bag, and Michael Kors watch.

Photos by Annisa


  1. You're very great :)
    Super awesome work
    Love it so much!!! following

  2. Hi, do you know what's the name of this t-shirt dress from Cameo? Thanks :)


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