Saturday, 15 March 2014


Alas! Another outfit post where I find metaphors for life in the clothes I am wearing. This one, for all you playing at home, is about being your checks and balances watchdog. Recently, I noticed I wasn't being totally honest with myself about certain aspects of life, to the detriment of my overall happiness. And sadly, it's easy to do. Creating excuses or blaming others for why you didn't get that job or top grades, is much less work than the uncovering the inner truth. But I'm committed to taking the time and energy to question myself, my actions, and truly get to know me. I need to keep myself in check so I know when I'm slipping into these destructive habits. And so I'm no longer excusing myself when I alone am stopping myself from achieving a happier life. (I hope that makes sense to you...)

Wearing: Asos t-shirt and shorts, Adorne necklace and Wittner shoes

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