Thursday, 13 September 2012

Guide to Online Shopping

"Bored with Sportsgirl, Dotti, and Myer? We are too. With every shop seeming to stock the same pieces, everyone is a walking store mannequin; no labels necessary. We've seen it all before. We know exactly where it's from. Yawn.

It's no secret Australia is a small and expensive pond in the world of fashion, but how ready are you to ship your threads in from another pond? Put your reservations aside, and have your Paypal account open, because ladies (and gentlemen) we're here to give you a no bullsh*t guide to online shopping."

This is the prelude to my article in the September issue of Peppa. It's my guide to shopping online. I warn you of the big scaries and tip you on my current top five. While I'm sure you're all too familiar with online shopping. Who knows. You might just learn something. Or be slightly entertained. Or at the very least, it might kill your boredom for a couple of minutes.

Apart from my article, there's also pieces on shooting guns, how girls can pick up guys, an interview with a burlesque dancer, movie reviews and much more.

Read it HERE. 

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