Saturday, 15 September 2012


Brown of any sorts is a colour you'd rarely find me in. I see myself more as a 'black' person. Now, now. Not in terms of skin colour or race or anything political, just in terms of fashion. Many people are either one or the other. Black or brown. Today, I crossed over to the dark side. Which was, ironically, lighter. (If only just.)

Another big abnormality. I'm wearing gold. Well, a tarnished gold necklace, but that still counts. I know these earthy tones may appear a long way from my pastel, neon and general colour filled closet. But there's something about this outfit and this setting. It makes me feel adventurous. Like I'm on a suburban safari.

Shirt: Foxx Foe
Top: Miss Shop from Myer
Skirt: Angel and Belle from Dissh
Shoes: Roc Boots
Necklace: eBay


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