Sunday, 26 April 2015


Fashion on a budget. It's not easy. We're being conditioned into believing that $100 is a reasonable price for plain white t-shirt. And on top of that, we should 'splash out' when it comes to those one-off statement pieces. Wardrobes (and their contents) are undoubtedly a large investment for many women - particularly those so inclined to read a fashion blog.

But I think it's important to remind ourselves every so often that fashion is supposed to be fun. Not every piece has to last forever. Not every piece has to fall within your carefully crafted signature style (I mean it's probably Kim K-esque neutral crop and pencil skirt combo with optional trench). Have a little cheap thrill every so often. Try something new. Do something fun. After all, fashions aren't forever.

Kmart Top | Monki Skirt | Sportsgirl Bag | Senso Heels

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Limbo. I'm not talking about the game. Rather the state of being. It's somewhere I seem to find myself a lot lately. The uncertainty of the future. The lack of contentment with the past. And the sheer unease when I realise that the present may not be laying the foundations for the life I've always dreamt of. 

Maybe this is all just a premature quarter life crisis. Perhaps it's only a temporary feeling. Perhaps it's something more. Either way, when so many aspects of my life are leaving me in a state of confusion, I find it helps to keep others simple. Lucky for me, no fuss outfits seem to be 'fashionable'. I can fool some people into thinking I'm 'on trend', when really I'm just preoccupied with other things.

BDG Shirt | American Apparel Shorts | Wittner Shoes 

Saturday, 4 April 2015


We will all face success. Sure, to varying degrees and in many different ways. But sooner or later, somewhere along the road, something will go just - if not better - than how we expected. I'm not here to say that that isn't marvellous and something to be celebrated. Of course it is. Just with success comes the responsibility to be mindful of how you express it.

Often our own success is born out of the set backs of others. To isolate your 'win' by comparing only your outcome to the others' you 'beat' risks blowing it all out of proportion. I am guilty of talking it up. Believing my own hype. And talking about it in a way that has the potential to make others feel less-than for not reaching the same success.

So maybe the next time you find yourself down at the tennis courts, maybe don't talk it up like 'yeah yeah'. (Yes, that was an out of date Lorde reference, thanks for noticing.) And instead, focus on encouraging yourself and others for the new challenges that await you.  

Sabo Skirt Crop Top | Monki Skirt | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


It's been quite a while blogosphere. Break. Holiday. Hiatus. Temporary abandonment. Call it what you will. I needed one. So far this year has been so much busier than I could've ever imagined. While I like the structure and certainty each day of being busy brings, I loathe the lack of down time. Hours fly by and the days seem to go even faster - I know that's not how time works, but just go with it.

Perhaps to overcompensate with my lack of outfits recently, I've chosen one of my favourite outfits from my (not so) recent venture to Melbourne. It's grand - a little bit broody and moody - just the way I like it. So I'd like to welcome you back to my quaint corner of the internet. Though I'm sure you always knew that I'd be back before too long.

H&M Dress | Senso Heels

Friday, 20 February 2015


As it's in stark contrast to my last post, I thought I'd warn you that this one will be a rant. Okay, here goes. I am over it. And by 'it', I clearly mean flakey people. The ones who can't commit. The ones who commit then bail last minute. The ones who can't even be bothered thinking up a good excuse. I am over them all. While actions speak louder than words, inaction is deafening. People make certain accommodations if you say that you are going to do something. Though when you coward away from a promise, it doesn't just inconvenience them. Ultimately, it's your reliability, trustworthiness and honesty that comes under question. Don't want that to happen? Simple. Do what you promise. End of.

Asos Crop Top | Ally Skirt | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Love. It seems like a fitting topic given Valentine's Day has just been. We all experience it, albeit in different ways. Love can manifest itself in a variety of circumstances, often with unexpected people.  While it's nice to be loved, there's something far more precious, at least for me. I live for loving. To have another allow you to love them - for them to be vulnerable enough to accept your adoration and encouragement - that's what's truly special about love. So while others may wish away "bloody Valentine's" for it reminds them of a romantic love they are missing; I look forward to the gentle reminder on February the 14th to express my appreciation for the family and friends whom I cherish.

Cotton On Playsuit | Monki Jacket | Senso Heels 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Elegantly disheveled. Or perhaps just disheveled. Whichever way you see it, mess and general unkemptness are a necessary evil. Nobody has the time, or the organisational skills, to iron every outfit. Nor to find the perfect statement accessories that are lost deep in the back of the closet. The thought of putting on makeup somedays is exhausting enough as it is - and that's before you remember that you have to clean your makeup brushes. Then there's hair that hasn't seen a brush in weeks. In fact, do I even own a hair brush? Well, those kind of days happen all too often. And while most bloggers won't show you a photo of them that is anything less than perfect, I'm not most bloggers - I have no shame.

Charcoal Top | Monki Skirt | Sportsgirl Bag | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I avoid trends. Maybe it's my inherent need to be constantly validated as a 'unique individual' (as though such a thing exists). Or perhaps my twisted pleasure I get from being isolated in a crowd. Either way, when it comes to the very popular crop top and midi skirt combination, I appear to have crumbled. So I'm extending the olive branch to trends just this once. After all, every rule needs an exception. 

Sabo Skirt Crop Top | Asos Skirt | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


As someone who proudly wears her heart on her sleeve, I find myself being affected by almost everything. When good things happen, it's the greatest - I wouldn't change that feeling for the world. But then every so often, as life loves to throw curveballs, something not-so-good will happen. It's then when taking things personally is emotionally exhausting. While my logical side can rationalise why I shouldn't take every negative experience to heart, it's never enough to sooth my emotional side. And so just to get by, I keep up appearances.

 Asos Crop Top | Monki Jacket | Asos Pants | Senso Heels