Thursday, 18 July 2013


Not a lot to say today (for a change). Especially in light of the rant I went on in the previous post. Basically, I found this place nestled in the backstreets of suburbia. Thought it was pretty radical. Decided it would be a suitable and 'bloggable' backdrop to show off my favourite (and only) bomber jacket, which is also pretty radical. I know it's very much a 'cult classic,' a piece that everyone and their sister has, but I think it's popularity and adoration is a testament to it's practicality and style- two qualities never lost in a Cameo piece of clothing.

Jacket: Cameo
Top: Kmart
Shorts: Sabo Skirt
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Annisa


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  2. Great photos, I love the background! :)


  3. I can't believe how much use you get out of your Everly Boots and yet the straps still look like they are "holding up". Literally, I have the same pair and had to use cement glue I bought at a cobbler to keep the straps from drooping downwards. Needless to say, you do them more justice than me :)


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