Thursday, 4 July 2013


Remember the days of handmade clothing? Yeah. Neither do I. I used to think that 'handmade' was basically a synonym for words like 'uncool' and 'dated.' But not anymore. Luckily, through the magic of the internet (it must have been fate), I stumbled across Kawaii Girls. Just two Aussie girls who create clothes that hope to make the world a little brighter. 

I'm someone who definitely attaches a level of sentimentality to my clothes. Some more than others. Depending on factors like if I have worn it to a special event, or perhaps it was a gift from someone special. But there's something even more sentimental with these shorts, knowing I have a handmade piece of clothing. And of course, don't forget the bragging rights of owning a truly one-off piece is a large component. (I mean who else wears shorts with astronauts and spaceships?) 

Top: Premonition via Teal & Tala
Shorts: Kawaii Girls
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Annisa


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  2. Love this! Your blog is so adorable. x.

    kelsey captivating


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