Sunday, 30 March 2014


Yesterday was a rough day. You know the kind. Where it starts off like any other, then gets progressively worse. But instead of trying to hide the cracks- like we often do- I decided to show them. Not an easy task for a proud person like me, I promise you. Despite only wanting to wallowing in my self criticism, I made the effort to seek comfort and advice from my friends. Time spent in positive company is never time wasted. The cracks that before felt like vast gorges are now no more thanks to a few a kind words of encouragement by some truly generous women. Yesterday's less than desirable events did not change, merely my perspective. 

Wearing: Cameo dress, Michael Kors watch, and Wittner shoes

Photos by Annisa

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Another day... another blog post. You would think by now- two years into blogging- I would have gotten the hang of it. Know exactly what I want to say in each post, and how to say it. And yet I sit here behind my computer without a clue. I guess just read into the outfit whatever you desire. Make your own story. Here's hoping I'll be more creative, and have something a little more worthwhile to say next time. Until then, enjoy. 

Wearing: Motel Rocks top, Asos shorts, Ray Ban sunglasses and Wittner shoes

Photos by Annisa

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Move it... get it? 'Moooove' kind of sounds like the noise a cow makes. I am wearing a cow print t-shirt. Title explained. Moving on (... ha, not funny). In all seriousness (not that a fashion blog is particular serious), this outfit is definitely a prime exhibit of my standard uni attire. I know, I've talked before about my whole monochrome obsession of late. But I also have two other obsessions. They are t-shirts and shorts. I like to think that I make the otherwise drab t-shirt and shorts combo a little more interesting (and blog post worthy) by injecting some loud prints and interesting textures. Bovine and lace, it'll be the new trend. Trust me (... don't trust me).

Wearing: Maurie and Eve top, Sabo Skirt shorts, and Wittner shoes.

Photos by Annisa

Saturday, 15 March 2014


Alas! Another outfit post where I find metaphors for life in the clothes I am wearing. This one, for all you playing at home, is about being your checks and balances watchdog. Recently, I noticed I wasn't being totally honest with myself about certain aspects of life, to the detriment of my overall happiness. And sadly, it's easy to do. Creating excuses or blaming others for why you didn't get that job or top grades, is much less work than the uncovering the inner truth. But I'm committed to taking the time and energy to question myself, my actions, and truly get to know me. I need to keep myself in check so I know when I'm slipping into these destructive habits. And so I'm no longer excusing myself when I alone am stopping myself from achieving a happier life. (I hope that makes sense to you...)

Wearing: Asos t-shirt and shorts, Adorne necklace and Wittner shoes

Monday, 10 March 2014


It's all good and well to bathe in your feelings every so often. But like most things, there will come a time when enough is enough. I feel like I'm entering a new phase of my life where every morning I'll need a steaming hot cup of 'toughen up'. I need to keep moving forward, pressing on, and over coming any challenge that makes its way into my day. And what says 'bring it on' more than a pair of leather, combat boots, and a bold, monochrome print. 

Wearing: Cameo t-shirt, Sabo Skirt shorts, Equip necklace, and Roc boots

Photos by Annisa

Friday, 7 March 2014


Finally an outfit that isn't shorts and a t-shirt... though it is a t-shirt dress. I think that's enough to satisfy the outfit diversity quota I have on this blog. You, however, are free to disagree. In addition, it's floral (yay, no more monochrome). Floral prints are something that I adore, and I have quite a lot of in my wardrobe. And yet despite the warm weather, floral hasn't made a large appearance on the blog. And so consider this an open letter, an open apology to all the floral in my closet- "I'm sorry for not wearing you more, for not featuring you more this past summer. Although sometimes it may not seem like it, I love you just as much as black and white." (Okay... that last part may be a little lie.)

Wearing: Cameo dress, Sportsgirl bag, and Michael Kors watch.

Photos by Annisa

Monday, 3 March 2014


By now I feel like you already know that baggy t-shirts- especially the sport luxe kind- are my 'thing'. But, of course, I have a fear of commitment... to one style that is. And so I try to take out some of the 'sport' and make it a bit more 'luxe'. Today that meant pairing a varsity t-shirt with a pair of structured (and textured... darn photos don't show that) shorts, and feminising it with a statement necklace. It might not be quite 'dressed to the nines,' but it's a winner for me.

Wearing: Finders Keepers top, Asos shorts, Adorne necklace, and Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Photos by Annisa