Monday, 18 February 2013


Summer is almost over. It's about to Fall. Well, seeing as I'm Australian, it's about to Autumn. And while I'm not one to let the season dictate how I feel (I never understood those people who said they were a 'Winter' or 'Spring' person), I can't help but notice a little sadness for the passing of Summer this year. 

Maybe it's the knowledge that soon my collection of peculiar shorts will have to retire for hibernation in my wardrobe. Or that soon I'll have to wear more than a bra under my sheer blouses. Oh the First World problems...I might have to jump from where I stand. From the outside of a building. A whole 50cm fall.

Woah! Rare sighting. I'm wearing my hair out. The first time on my blog. I've never been good at hair. What do you guys think?

Top: Kmart
Shorts: Sabo Skirt (here)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (here)
Bag: Colette

Photos by Annisa


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