Sunday, 10 February 2013


I've been steering away from dresses recently. And it's only now, when the right one comes along, I begin to wonder 'why for, dresses are amazing'. I think my caution to dresses has been one of practicality. But now that I sit here, typing this, I realise there's nothing a dress would stop me from doing providing I have my modesty bike shorts underneath (which I always do).

I guess what's really stopped me from wearing dresses is a matter of perception. Are they really that stereotypically 'girly'? Do they really make you look 'overdressed' (is that even a thing?) ? Will they really stop you from doing anything in your day to day life? With the exception of handstands, I think the overwhelming answer is no. Of course ultimately it does come down to what particular dress you choose. This one combats 'girly' with scuba feel material, has a casual style with simple piping detail, and is of a modest length. I think it's safe to say this dress has defeated my irrational fear. Bring on more dresses.

Dress: Fahrenheit from Dishh
Shoes: Wittner
Watch: Michael Kors
Rings: Various stores

Photos by Annisa

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  1. Such a pretty look! Your dress is such a great colour and looks so comfortable! Love your rings too!

    xo, The Rag Trade


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