Thursday, 20 March 2014


Move it... get it? 'Moooove' kind of sounds like the noise a cow makes. I am wearing a cow print t-shirt. Title explained. Moving on (... ha, not funny). In all seriousness (not that a fashion blog is particular serious), this outfit is definitely a prime exhibit of my standard uni attire. I know, I've talked before about my whole monochrome obsession of late. But I also have two other obsessions. They are t-shirts and shorts. I like to think that I make the otherwise drab t-shirt and shorts combo a little more interesting (and blog post worthy) by injecting some loud prints and interesting textures. Bovine and lace, it'll be the new trend. Trust me (... don't trust me).

Wearing: Maurie and Eve top, Sabo Skirt shorts, and Wittner shoes.

Photos by Annisa

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