Saturday, 4 April 2015


We will all face success. Sure, to varying degrees and in many different ways. But sooner or later, somewhere along the road, something will go just - if not better - than how we expected. I'm not here to say that that isn't marvellous and something to be celebrated. Of course it is. Just with success comes the responsibility to be mindful of how you express it.

Often our own success is born out of the set backs of others. To isolate your 'win' by comparing only your outcome to the others' you 'beat' risks blowing it all out of proportion. I am guilty of talking it up. Believing my own hype. And talking about it in a way that has the potential to make others feel less-than for not reaching the same success.

So maybe the next time you find yourself down at the tennis courts, maybe don't talk it up like 'yeah yeah'. (Yes, that was an out of date Lorde reference, thanks for noticing.) And instead, focus on encouraging yourself and others for the new challenges that await you.  

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