Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Elegantly disheveled. Or perhaps just disheveled. Whichever way you see it, mess and general unkemptness are a necessary evil. Nobody has the time, or the organisational skills, to iron every outfit. Nor to find the perfect statement accessories that are lost deep in the back of the closet. The thought of putting on makeup somedays is exhausting enough as it is - and that's before you remember that you have to clean your makeup brushes. Then there's hair that hasn't seen a brush in weeks. In fact, do I even own a hair brush? Well, those kind of days happen all too often. And while most bloggers won't show you a photo of them that is anything less than perfect, I'm not most bloggers - I have no shame.

Charcoal Top | Monki Skirt | Sportsgirl Bag | Senso Heels

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  1. Amen, girl! I love the disheveled look. It's like swapping out "top blogger" status for a more "model off duty" look. So chic!


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