Saturday, 8 September 2012


For days when you need to look 'nice' but can't be bothered putting in the effort. Quite simply, I love effortless pieces. There's no need to accessorise. There's no need to glamourise. Jump into a top, skirt and Litas and... Boom! You're ready.

Modest studs on a peter pan collar and cuffs. Sheer lime green. Buttons down the back. And of course, black. It's the details that I fall for. It's super simple stuff. Side note, it was incredibly windy. So please excuse the poor hair. It was already a bad hair day, made even worse. 

 Top: Red Berry
Skirt: Mossman
Shoes: JC Lita



  1. Loooooove your outfit! The skirt is awsome :)

    i'll be so happy if you follow me: I want to live in L.A :)

  2. Love this look!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)
    Check it out on my page here:

  3. With the skirt showing off those legs and the see through shirt, I know it's not what you're going for but, that is one sexy look.


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