Monday, 17 September 2012


River deep. Mountain high. Much like my love for this scenic sweater. Usually I would shy away from such a bold and encompassing print. Fearing it would be too hard to dress. But actually, it's quite the opposite. No need for accessories. Just pick a colour from the print for your shorts or skirt (or pants) and you're done.

Snow covered mountain peaks. Crisp, clear lakes. Pine tree forests. All of which, Australia lacks. So in a rather contrasting fashion, I decided to take pictures of this naturally beautiful landscape on my jumper, in the very unnatural and quiet unappealing local netball courts. I bet you'd know where I'd rather be...

Jumper: Motel Rocks from ASOS
Skirt: Blurr from Dissh
Shoes: Roc Boots



  1. great combination!


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