Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I want to sleep. For days and days and days. But for right now, there are things to be done. Something that has been taking up all my spare time (hence the lack of outfit posts recently) is my university law revue. For those of you unfamiliar with the time consuming, creative melting pot that are revues, here's a little explanation. Parody songs, comedy sketches, videos and dances- all performed on stage by students for students (and whoever else will come).

This year I decided to jump in and get involved. Perhaps naively, I thought little of consequences it would have on my time. And where there are pressures on time, sleep will inevitably be sacrificed. Just looking at the cool-tone hues of this outfit is making me sleepy. I hope you enjoy... Regular programming will resume... right after... this nap.

Sabo Skirt Blouse | Vintage Skirt | Senso Heels

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