Friday, 30 November 2012


The return of an old favourite. The loveable, practical and oh-so re-wearable, square pants. But this time teamed up with the rather low sensible heel of my affectionately known 'Librarian' shoes. Sorry Litas (still love you).

It's hard to wear a black and white and green outfit without looking school-nerd-eqsue. So rather than fight it, I embraced it. Dorky, awkward socks. Check. Daggy* lace up shoes. Check. White shirt with pocket to hold calculator and pens. Check. Sure, the overall result might be a little a less geeky than these words describe (I would hope so). But the principle remain the same.

*Daggy- Aussie slang for uncool, unfashionable, but oh so comfortable 

Top: Paper Scissors
Shorts: Whistles from Asos
Shoes: Wittner



  1. I think you look so cute in this and I hope people who saw you felt the same way.The shorts are darling.I think white socks with black shoes are adorable.hope you check out my looks on chictopia under the name bobbysocks

  2. I love this outfit,
    the shorts are so cute. :)
    And your shoes are amazing,
    they look great together with the socks. ;)


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