Thursday, 11 October 2012

Craving The Camo

Camouflage. It's one trend that won't have you blending in with the crowd. After a long time flying under the radar camo is back with a vengeance. But this time it's not just occupying pants (thank goodness). No, it's sights are set on overtaking jackets and shirts.

I know this siege camouflage has on tops and outerwear has been going on for a while, but like most trends it's taken me a while to come around. And though it has overtaken the fashion blogosphere, I am yet to really notice it's presence in the 'real world'. (Maybe that's just because of my fashion backwards city.) Camouflage can be loud, intimidating, and often masculine. But these ladies sure know how to tame it and work it into everyday, wearable pieces. Check them out!

But if I had my way (and an unlimited cash flow) here's how I would tackle this camo trend. Denim shorts, muscle tank, sneakers, and backpack. Comfortable and fashionable (well, at least in my opinion).


What are your thoughts on the camouflage comeback? Is it one of the ultimate grunge statements, or does it belong on the battlefield rather than the high street?

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  1. Gorgeous photo inspiration!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and i love it- i'm following you now!



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