Monday, 29 October 2012


What's better than a swing? Only going on it while wearing your favourite jumper. Now this speckled  wooly sweater-dress was an impulse buy, but became one of my favourite everyday wears this past winter. Team it with shorts and there's a transitional season outfit sorted. No fuss. Just super simple stuff.

The speckled, bright coloured weave of this jumper reminds me of 100s and 1000s: the sprinkles on cupcakes. Cupcakes and playgrounds. Ahhh, the childhood memories. While taking these photos I rediscovered my love for swings. Why not re-visit and take the time to appreciate the simple (maybe even childish) things in life? 

Sweater: Mossman
Shorts: Ally Fashion
Boots: Wittner
Necklace: Asos (mens)


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