Friday, 31 August 2012


With weather like this, it may as well be summer. Don't get me wrong. I love summer. I just miss not having a proper spring. I'll tell you a little about the love affair I have with the transitional seasons. I can wear shorts and skirts with wooly jumpers and jackets. I can alternate between sandals and boots. The days are warm enough to go out and explore the world, but the evenings are crisp and are mostly spent snuggled up on the couch. Sure, it's a fleeting couple of weeks. Brief. Short. Quick. But that doesn't make it any less 'real'. Anyway, my point being... That didn't happen this year. Sad face.

And so here I am. Wearing an outfit that couldn't be any more 'summer', from the colours -blue, green, orange- to the fit- boxy and casual. Before you begin to freak out, "Oh, this isn't Izzy's normal style" (if I even have a 'normal' style), I have managed to incorporate spikes. Ahhh familiarity. So here's to summer. May it be full of clashing colours, towering shoes, short shorts and deadly accessories. (And hopefully a tan.)

 Top: Charcoal
Shorts: To Love Kuvaa from Asos
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Necklace: eBay



  1. love the shorts :)

  2. love this combo <3


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