Sunday, 19 August 2012

Soul Sister Jane

Now I like a lot of brands. But I only LOVE a few. Recently, I have found a new love, and now I'm beginning to wonder how I didn't find it sooner. Ladies and gentlemen (although you are probably already acquainted) allow me to introduce Sister Jane.

This new love isn't one that's been 'taken slow'. I have fallen at first sight. Hard. I can't stop raving. I want every piece. But it's more than just an appreciation for creative, stylish, and tasteful clothing, because I stumble across many 'amazing' pieces in hours of trolling tumblr researching. It's that these are clothes I can actually see me wearing. And not just for those 'going out' nights, where you wear your 'good clothes'. No. I could wear these everyday. Maybe one day, finances permitting, some of these might work their way into my everyday.

Sure, I understand that florals and studs can be seen as 'right now' trend, and you may not be willing to invest in something that isn't 'cool' this time next year. So below are a few tops that I believe have a better chance of standing 'the test of time' while still being urgh hate myself for typing this 'so hot right now'. 
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Galaxy Collar, Patterned Collar, Peter Pan Collar

L-R: Studded CollarGalaxy CollarLeather Collar

Come on 'Soul Sisters Jane', we all need a LBD with a twist. Right?

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