Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Velvet and pleats. Leather and spikes. Sounding all too familiar? When things get busy and deadlines draw near, I look for solace in my creature comforts. As soon as things get hectic, out come my staples. My 'go-to's give me one less decision to make in a day.

They're nothing special. And they're not pretending to be. They get the job of looking 'dressed' done, without making a fuss. But, as with any outfit, I need a twist. A lemon/lime twist to be precise. This neon skirt (which, like the sun you can't look directly into) has got me dreaming of the summer time. But as Australia waves goodbye to winter this week, maybe it won't be too long before my neon dreams become reality. 

Top: Romwe
Skirt: Blurr
Necklace: ebay
Shoes: JC Lita
Rings: Assorted shops/markets 

One last thing. My sister recently posted her first outfit post over on Lookbook. It would mean a lot if you could show her some love by hyping her look. She is, after all, the reason why I have such wicked photographs. Cheers guys.



  1. Oh my god I seriously LOVE this. The skirt and top are perfect, and they're even more perfect when you combine them together. Me likey a lot!

  2. This is a pretty jamming outfit.Both of them. I like it.



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