Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I've found myself lost. I'm trying to navigate this new world that I've become increasingly involved with, and quite obviously failing. I know I talk a lot about 'taking the first step' and 'grabbing opportunities', but what happens when you've done that? What happens when you're on the second or third step? 

My decision to be more involved in university life has been rewarding- the people, the experiences, the memories- but it's also challenging. There is gossip, drama, and history that rears its ugly head into conversations and friendships. I'll admit, I got a little caught up in it all. While it's nice to feel a part of something, it shouldn't comprise my integrity or identity. So I'm choosing to not take a step back per se, but rather just forget the rest. Forget the temptation of 'he-said-she-said's. Forget the petty arguments. And put my time and energy into being the trustworthy friend I was before I lost myself. 

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