Monday, 28 January 2013


Little known fact. Summer is hot in Australia. And the best way to combat the heat and stay comfortable is to throw on a t-shirt dress. Get the right one (like mine) and it'll be one of the most versatile items of clothing you'll own. Guarantee. Just a simple change of shoes and you've gone from a day to an evening look in a heartbeat.

I, however, opted for the no-shoes look. Made it easier to clamber down rocks to the waters edge. And boy was it worth it. Wearing my favourite dress (definitely worth the pre-order wait). Having the best view over the lake. And getting there just in time to wave goodbye to the sun for another day. Just perfect. Though it's in these twilight moments when I can't help but wonder what's beyond the sunset...

Watch: Michael Kors via Revolve Clothing
Necklace: Diva

Photos by Annisa

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