Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I love fresh starts. I love beginnings. When everything is new and exciting. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the first step is mortifying. That's when a few creature comforts come in handy. For me fashion-wise, this is my boots, simple jewellery and a 'just-throw-on' dress. Because in a time when everything is new and different (and maybe dealing with the anxiety of change) the last thing you want to think about it style and the first thing you want to feel is comfortable.

Now while it's lovely to celebrate the new year  (and then take a few days to recover from that celebration) we've got to get started sometime. We've talked about all these changes we want to make. We've bragged about the accomplishments we hope to achieve. But telling people your new year's resolutions is barely the first step. So all aboard. Let's get started on our 2013 adventure together. This train is ready to leave the station.

Boots: Roc
Necklace: Diva
Watch: Michael Kors from Revolve Clothing

Photos by Annisa

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