Sunday, 4 March 2012


This is it. My first step forward. It's time to leave behind the indecision of the crossroads and start doing something productive with my time (and bandwidth). This is it. This is Izzy Bea.

With the painfully rigid, yet somewhat comforting, structure of my high school days behind me, this new (well... 'new-ish') year found me thrown, head first, in the deep end, of the 'real world'. Caught in limbo (not the fun game kind)  I came to the realisation that this 'real world' isn't as exciting or glamourous as the older kids had made it out to be; nor is it as scary or intimidating as it once was seemed when the phrase was uttered by my parents and teachers. I once thought it was sink or swim, but now I realise for past couple of months I have been taking the third option; float.

It's time to swim (even if it's only a doggy paddle). It's time to be a 'do-er'. And so here I am, trying to find and cement my place in the 'real world' (via cyberspace... I know, oxymoron). I want this venture to be more than just a selection of pictures or a collection of words; my focus is style but ultimately, expression. This is not exclusive. Expect pieces on fashion and music, rants and raves, and more generally, whatever I feel like.

But I guess all of this rambling is just trying to say....
"Hi, I'm Izzy Bea and this is my blog."

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