Wednesday, 16 July 2014


It has been a little while since I wore my 'uniform'- an entirely monochrome outfit. But have no fear. I am back to it. There's nothing easier, nor more stylish, than a well put together black and white combination. Staple pieces (like this vintage leather pencil skirt) and trend buys (think of a leopard print t-shirt for example) work so seamlessly when you're not distracted by clashing of colours or prints. 

Purely black and white tones can add a level of class that an outfit would have otherwise lacked. After all, I am just wearing an oversized printed t-shirt- something easily worn just lounging about at home. However, make it monochrome and team it with a sleek skirt and heels, and it very quickly becomes something much more sophisticated. 

Finders Keepers T-Shirt | Vintage Skirt | Senso Heels

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