Thursday, 13 February 2014


Feeling a little French in this stripe dress. Though rather than channelling a French Riviera vibe I decided to make quite the fashion faux pas- teaming a feminine dress with boots that appear to be straight from the worksite. Okay, maybe a little cultural clash in an outfit isn't that bad these days. Nonetheless, there's something about this combination that makes me feel a bit like a rule breaker (though that could just be the stripes).

Wearing: I Like Wolves dress, Roc boots, Equip necklace, and Michael Kors watch 

Photos by Annisa


  1. You look amazing! :)
    And you blog is a delight to read!
    Greetings a new follower from Denmark!
    Mikkel Weiss

  2. Pretty look! Great blog!
    Following you hun!

  3. Awesome outfit and super cool pics Loved :)


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