Monday, 13 January 2014


Things that are never going out of style. Neutral tones. Satchel bags. Intricately patterned scarves. While the combination of all three can allude to a preppy style (that I know isn't for everyone)- for me personally, I find nothing wrong with a more refined look on occasion. These more 'toned down' looks with less prints and patterns and textures and colours and noise, give you space to breathe (fashion wise). You're not having to live up to the loud personality of your sequin jacket, or the swagger of the houndstooth trousers. You can just wear these more neutral outfits without the concern of the outfit wearing you. 

Wearing: Miss Shop top, Ally shorts, Sportsgirl bag, Wittner shoes and Andéol Scarf via Undergroup Showroom

Photos by Annisa

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