Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Summer means one thing... SWIMSUITS!

With summer upon us (thank you world), it's time to start stocking up on swimsuits. Lucky for you, I know just the place... or should I say places... no. Actually, I should say 'cyber-splaces' (places in cyber space). Two Melbourne swimwear labels, Funkita Form and Kiargo, are having super massive sales through their online stores. I love the thrill of a bargain, something I suspect many of you do too, and with 50 and 60 percent of respectively, it's just too good not to share.

Regardless of whether you're a swimming enthusiast or prefer laying poolside (I'm poolside all the way); if you're team bikini or team one-piece (or both, no judgment here); have no fear, there's definitely something for you. Old school glamour, funky new prints... here's two of my favourites:
Black Bondage One-Piece from Funkita Form

Liberty Top and Briefs from Kiargo
Hopefully, it won't be long until this bikini joins my others- a girl can never have too many swimsuits. Fact. 

Click these links to check out Kiargo and Funkita Form's end of season sales. 

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