Sunday, 5 May 2013

PASTEL BLAZE (with video)

So I told you (in this post), that I had some new, exciting, possibly even radical (yes I'm from the 90s) things coming up for my blog. It might have taken a lot longer than expected but it's finally here. A video. You get to see me in motion. How fancy.
Here's a little premise. A while ago, there was a fashion blogger, a makeup artist, a photographer and a videographer, who decided to combine their creative talents. One lazy afternoon, they decided to toddle into the city to shoot a few outfits with 'behind the scenes' video. This is the result.

Just a disclaimer. This is not how most of my outfit posts are shot. While I wish each looked as professional, and Eloise did my makeup every time, it's just not so. This was a fun collaborative experiment that I've been wanting to do for a while. Lucky we managed to fit in a couple that day, so there will be more video outfit posts to come. Just you wait and see.
Side note: I do apologise for my facial expressions throughout. I'm not angry or annoyed... well maybe a little bit at the sun for being so bright and glaring into my eyes.

Top: Here Comes the Sun
Shorts: Sabo Skirt
Bag: Adorne
Shoes: Wittner

Makeup by Eloise James
Videography by Nicole Miller
Photography by Annisa

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