Thursday, 16 May 2013


Effortless and extraordinary. Those are things I look for in clothes. When those two things combine, what you have is an unforgettable outfit (the right kind of unforgettable). At least in my own bias opinion, this is one of those outfits. No accessories. Two pieces. Each effortless. Each extraordinary.

My much loved crop top. Easy enough to wear. What kind of crop top isn't? Though still has enough length to not be trashy and tasteless. And of course my favourite part. It's silver leather. Metallic and leather. Drool. Then my shorts. Super simple elastic pull ups. Adding a light trim makes a world of difference when it comes to style. (Please do more of this designers/manufacturers.) And the print. Triangle and watercolours. Brilliant. 

Oh, and something equally brilliant. What a marvellous coincidence it was to find graffiti the same colours as the print on my shorts. And a round window (that kind of looks like the moon). There's definitely not enough round windows in the world.

Top: 1989
Shorts: Sabo Skirt
Shoes: Wittner

Photos by Annisa

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