Sunday, 4 January 2015


So here it is: a 'fashionably' late first blog post of 2015. (Expect more terrible puns throughout the year.) Many people are often quick to judge the 'new year resolutions' phenomenon. And while it might be unrealistic to expect your entire life to change, if the new year is the source of inspiration you need to make some improvements to your life, then just go for it. In the next few blog posts I hope to outline some of my own goals for this year. Public declaration may seem a little extreme, but this is a way that I can hold myself accountable. 2014 was my greatest year so far. 2015 will be greater. I'm sure of it.  

Charcoal Top | Asos Skirt | Sportsgirl Bag | Senso Heels

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  1. Nice ensemble. This look suits you so well


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