Saturday, 27 September 2014


Despite living in denial this past year, it's time to accept that my 21st birthday is fast approaching. I still have just over a month until the big day, but that hasn't stopped me doing a lot of thinking about coming of age. I'm sure this will be a theme of future blog posts, however, I just wanted to touch upon while an experience is fresh in my mind.

I saw the movie 'Boyhood' last night. While the circumstances weren't always ones I could relate to, the story was. It follows a boy's life from pre-school to adulthood. Naturally, it made me reflect upon my own life experiences. I realised that I've been unnecessarily dreading turning 21, for the fear that makes me somehow a 'real' adult. Growing up is inevitable. I need to welcome it open arms; let go of my preconceived ideas and expectations; take advantage of the new opportunities that age and experience presents; and realise that 'coming of age' is not something that will happen on my birthday, but rather it's just another name for the life-long journey we all are on. 

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