Tuesday, 3 December 2013

TO THE STREETS - Stylight Competition

This is my second 'sporty' look for the Stylight blogger competition. (If you're wondering what it is, check out my previous post here.) 
Something a little more practical than a dress, like that in my first look. Though still with a feminine, lacy flair. Black and white has definitely been an encroaching trend in my wardrobe this year. But it's refreshing to give an unexpected burst of colour to break from the monotonous monochrome. 

Vote for this look here: stylight.com.au/izzybea/tothestreets

And if you haven't already, you can also still vote for my first look HERE! 
The competition is judged on total number of 'hearts' per theme- This fortnight's theme is 'sporty'.
I really appreciate every single 'heart.' Thank you!

Top: I Like Wolves
Shorts: Lucy In The Sky
Shoes: Converse

Photos by Annisa

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  1. very cute shorts :)



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