Friday, 6 September 2013

10 Items 10 Outfits: CASUAL FRIDAY

Check out part one, two, three, four, and five

I've never been one of those 'live for weekend' kind of people. But seeing as tomorrow I have my last Saturday mid-semester exam at 9am, I cannot wait for my weekend to start. Even if it is a little late off the mark.

Wearing 3 of the 10 items:
1. Oversize Grey/Leopard Jumper
See it worn (here)
2. Boyfriend Jeans
See it worn (here and here)
3. Cut Out Patent Leather Boots
See it worn (here)

Photos by Annisa


  1. Hey there!

    Love this series :) Just wondering - how comfortable are those patent leather boots? They look amazing!

    Tiffany xx

    1. Surprisingly so! Though I find most shoes comfortable. I guess if you were doing a lot of walking, you'd want to wear socks perhaps.
      Hope that helps :)


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